Claire Bloomfield: The Alchemy of a Pixels at The Reset Room May 4th, 5-9pm at the Packing Plant, Nashville TN



Claire Bloomfield, a new media artist originally from Nashville TN and curator with Mineral House Media,  uses alternative photography methods to create painterly tantalizing works of art. She is interested in creating a more tactile way of viewing photography.  Her process starts by using a scanner’s bed as a large format camera and canvas. On the glass, she paints personal dogmas with loose pigments and various materials giving herself one rule: to combine one natural and one artificial material.  She is interested in exploring the elements of water, air, metal, wood, and fire and finding various ways to pair them with artifice. She strives to create a balance between paradoxical natures, in order to produce a sense of allure entangled with the grotesque.

As each photograph is cultivated, the copier’s light ejects across the scanner’s glass developing onto the computer. Its replica contains an aura and an inversion of perspective, as it is developed from an underlying viewpoint. Thus, capturing an image unseen by the human eye. Leaping into the void, she digs for an image like an archaeologist. Later on photoshop, she crops images using the “zoom” tool, pursuing the void of photography into the individual pixel. Her process is playful, and she views her work as having a specific alchemic secular techno-ritualistic process, that gives the viewer a  glimpse into Singularity as holy.