Furture Farming

This series of images were created by non traditional farming methods and pseudo-ritualistic practices. Sculptures were documented, grown, harvested and recycled. Materials from studio floor, paint, and other toxic materials were added to the dirt and plaster to create a toxic environment for plant to grow. This modern way of farming comments on the electric allure of advertisement and falsity. The final product become important in some of the images, and process in others. Sculptures were staged with Western ideals of contemporary advertisement and pop culture to allure the viewer. Non organic materials were added to the organic sculptures. These additives created a more alluring model and masked its natural undertones. Sculptures were contrasted by concepts of Eastern rituals. Viewing the object as a holy object, all steps become part of a  purposeful process. The scanner bed was seen as a bed of worship. Colors and additives are seen as a mark of respect to the object. Process, toxicity, and ritual become intertwined.